American edition for travelers calls to go to Georgia

TBILISI, February 27 – News-Georgia. Thrillist, a popular American travel publication for travelers, considers Georgia an undervalued tourist route and advises Americans to visit this country.
Thrillist included Georgia in the list of trend destinations for 2019 along with countries such as Panama, Taiwan, Ecuador, Montenegro, Romania, South Africa, Lebanon, Dominica, Nepal, Tasmania, Belize, Uruguay, Finland, Laos, Poland, Jordan, Wales, Mozambique, Northern Macedonia and other countries.
Journalist Benjamin Kemper visited various parts of Georgia at the invitation of the National Tourism Administration and told readers about his impressions.
“New tourism initiatives complement the warm hospitality of the Old World,” writes Benjamin Kemper about Georgia.
“You may have to squint to find Georgia on the world map, but don’t be fooled by the small geographical size of this country: everything in Georgia is shocking, starting with epic cheese khachapuri and ending with hurricane folklore dances and the Caucasus Mountains, which can shame the Alps, towering towers over the plain. “
Georgia has recently undergone a transformation, crime has been won in the country, roads have been built, new airports have begun to popularize the country abroad, the observer notes.
“What is the most dangerous thing in Georgia today? This is chacha, home-brew with zero stamina, which locals will aggressively offer you in open markets, ”Kemper warns.
“In Georgia you can go hiking, a new Transcaucasian mountain trail passes through the highest mountain settlement in Europe. Where the East meets the West, you can try a variety of dishes.
Wherever you go, everywhere in Georgia you will find hospitality characteristic of the Old World, and at every step you will find wine. This is a drink invented by Georgians in the antique period.
Do not forget to climb the Gergeti Trinity, it is a chapel littered with melted candles, built in the 14th century high in the mountains under the clouds. The Gerget Trinity is in the shadow of the fifth highest peak in Europe – where the gods chained Prometheus for the theft of fire, ”the American-speaking travel blogger notes.

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