EVGENY LEONOV ABOUT GEORGIA Evgeny Leonov from Letters to Son: “Andryusha, Tbilisi is a city where I must bring you. I am not here for the first time, but for the first time, I remember, I came here ready to love: not because my friends – Gia and Buba, Danelia and Kikabidze – told me a lot about Tbilisi, I just think I had my tenderness to them and in their homeland. In short, this city should not have conquered me, I was captivated by its music, height, talent, warmed by his partnership (continued in the comments). In the plane, when the flight attendant reported that we were flying over the Small Caucasus Mountains and that its highest point was Kazbek, I proudly thought: The Caucasus is under me … There are cities in which you do not feel like a stranger, although I first set foot on their square. And how this is explained, I do not know. I can hear Georgian speech on the street, a slightly sad Georgian melody comes from a loudspeaker, I don’t immediately find inscriptions in Russian in the subway, but I don’t feel separate, detached, lonely. Everything around is special, new, beautiful, but belongs to everyone who sees and understands this beauty. However, it is strange, now I thought, this is indeed a general truth: in art and in life, everything beautiful belongs to someone who is able to see and feel. I see Tbilisi as one big house – a good house rests on respect for the house of everyone who is in it, is it? – here it is, I really feel it. Georgians know their history, roots, traditions, this is very manifested in art, in the culture of playing music, I mean not academic singing or from pop, but in everyday life, many people sing, and so beautifully, musically. In this city, I very keenly feel the love of life and tenderness towards people, and, as always, I have a desire to share all this with you, son. Tbilisi, surrounded by mountains, is closed from unkind winds, as the woman behind the back of a faithful man feels invulnerable to evil power. I do not notice Moscow’s vainness here: if people sing at the table, no one looks at the clock, if you talk with a Georgian, you see that he is ready to talk with you forever. Maybe this is all funny at all – I’m just tired of rushing. But in fact, every moment of life goes away. Be sure to visit here together …

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