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A guest in Georgia has always been considered a messenger of God. The ancient tradition of hospitality is maximally embodied in the Georgian feast. Georgian feast – “supra” – is the action. The table is crammed with food, the cups are full of delicious wine. Everyone is attentive to each other, a beautiful speech is being poured on to a stranger, a polyphonic Georgian song sounds overflowing. All these are components of the Georgian meal, which was started up in order to deliver the highest joy and honor the guest. Regardless of the social status of the host covers a rich table. Confirming the inability to organize a brilliant feast means declaring your defeat. This is not Georgian! One of the main symbols of the Georgian feast is the Toastmaster. Perfectly and vividly to have a meal – a delicate science and skill. They say it is almost impossible to learn. But most Georgians often appear as the Toastmaster at various meals and inevitably grasp this skill. A master of home can become a master of ceremonies or another respected worthy person from among the guests. The master of ceremonies is obliged to know the history of his homeland, to manage to sing masterfully, to tell a poem. And, most importantly, to do everything on time. To say a meaningful toast, short or narrative, deeply sincere or sparklingly funny – always original. Perfect Tamada never repeats toasts. He writes them in summer. And at the same time, the Tamada should not make a one-man show from a meal. You need to feel what guest to pay attention, pass a toast, when to revive the conversation with a joke, and when to keep silent. It is obligatory for the Toastmaster to make sure that people do not get drunk. And at the same time, do not hold back too much, so as not to offend anyone. The basic idea of the toast should remain unchanged, no matter how long the delivered speech is. The one who says it should empty the horn (or glass) to the bottom, the rest of the guests will only have to take a sip.

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