Mayakovsky was born in Georgia

Mayakovsky was born in the family of a forester in the village of Bagdati, Kutaisi province (now a city in Imereti). Up to nine years old, he practically did not speak Russian — only at home with his parents. He spent the rest of the time in the company of his Georgian peers. The situation was changed by his enrollment in the Kutaisi gymnasium, which was taught in Russian. But just four years after admission, a misfortune occurred in his house – his father died of blood poisoning, accidentally pricking his finger with a needle.

After the death of the breadwinner, the mother decided to move to Moscow with the children forever. However, throughout his life, Mayakovsky repeatedly returned to his small homeland, where he had so many friends and acquaintances left. The poet himself was proud to be born in Georgia, and in some of his poems he called himself a Georgian at all.

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